Monday, January 4, 2010

Pre Teens Nuas Any Ideas For A Story For Pre Teens Like Jacqeline Wilson?

Any ideas for a story for pre teens like jacqeline wilson? - pre teens nuas

Something that applies to the packages that young people before they can rotate through and into a continuation.

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Beach Saint said...

I suppose you could select one of the themes that authors such as Jacqueline Wilson, Lisi Harrison, Stephanie Meyer, Meg Cabot, or have been treated and to be successful - peer pressure, friendship, dating, popularity, clothes, gossip, or others. Here's a secret: He has his own point of view and style have. Each of the authors of the time, the real problems of young people, but each book is written from the perspective of the author. I suggest reading some of these books. Go to a Barnes & Noble and see what the shelves. Speak with people you see in the staff of this section, which has sold well. A publisher or agent who makes sure that you have studied their work, does require writing some weight to publish their work. I have a link to "The Making of a Bestseller: Success Stories from Authors and publishers, agents, booksellers, and behind them," by Brian Hill and Dee Power, for it is one of my favor. Good chance.

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